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The Republic of Austria is the official name of Austria and the citizens of this country are known as Austrians. 90 percent of the people here speak German. You will find a noticeable number of immigrants from Turkey and Yugoslavia in this country.

In Austria, you can also feel the magical aroma of the world’s best tea and coffee. Yugoslavia, Poland, Switzerland, and even Romania are the major buyers of Austrian roasted coffee and green beans.

Austria is a beautiful place known for its scenic beauty, amazing mountain valleys, simplicity of the culture, and people. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Austria are Vienna, Innsbruck, Graz, Salzburg, Danube valley and Linz, etc.

The country’s picturesque lakes and mountains are among its most liked attractions that allure visitors from various parts of the world.

The vivid green forests, mountain ranges, ski slopes, verdant fields, woodlands, river valleys, and vineyards are some of the few hints that are enough to describe this wonderful destination.

However, if you are still searching for some key tips to plan your holidays in this land of music, then you can check out the following suggestions:

1. The Austrian Alps are well known for their beauty. When the snow melts the mountain becomes heaven for climbers, hikers, hand gliders, and for many other pursuits.

2. Austria’s Lake District-the Salzkammergut area is the place whereh the Sound of Music was shot. You will definitely fall in love wit picturesque lakes like St Gilgen, St Wolfgang, Gmunden, and the town of Mondsee.

3. The splendor of the capital Vienna and other famous cities of Austria make it a perfect place to visit.

4. The place is also famous for its music. Whether it’s a classical concert in a cliff-top castle in Salzburg or you want to dance the waltz in a traditional Viennese ball or the famous disco or nightclub parties that you will come across here, Austria will definitely tune your mood to another frequency.

5. It offers many culinary delights too. Across Austria, you can relish the must-try dishes like puddings, cakes, and delicious Austrian pancakes.

6. Many legendary composers including Mozart, Schubert, and Hayden were born here. Furthermore, if you want to see a live concert, Vienna and Salzburg are the best places.

In Austria, you can also shop for quality products like leatherwear and wines, etc. along with some souvenirs for your family and friends.

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