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Throughout recent years, the popularity of Oman as a tourist destination has grown enormously amongst Western tourists. So, what is it that’s attracting thousands of visitors to this forgotten city each year?

The country’s 17,000km of coastline makes it an ideal location for water sports such as scuba diving and its beautiful beaches and modern hotels have been attracting many holiday-makers year after year. The hot climate and minimum rainfall as well as the country’s natural scenery, a combination of mountains, impressive sand dunes, and rolling green hills, make it a magnet for many European tourists.

In addition to water sports, other popular tourist activities are rock climbing, bird watching as well as sand skiing on the largest desert dunes. Lots of tour companies provide equipment as well as advice on these activities.

In terms of cultural sights, Oman is home to various historic castles and forts as well as towers. The Old City Walls in the capital city Muscat as well as the multitude of archaeological features in Sohar attract thousands of visitors each year. Sohar is in fact one of the main cities which has undergone huge development in terms of tourism in recent years and is now home to magnificent parks and beautiful 5-star hotels.

The marina industry in Oman is also booming, as new marina developments are being constructed each year. Yachting tourism plays a particularly important role in the economy of the country, with these marinas welcoming huge numbers of sailing fans year after year.

What’s more, they are the perfect locations for water sports events. Many of the marinas are equipped with the latest modern facilities and equipment, such as the Almouj Marina, with its extra-large walkways and round-the-clock security services. Both professional yachtsmen, as well as amateur holidaymakers, enjoy visiting these beautiful marinas as a day experience or as a complete yachting holiday.

If you are planning your summer holiday next year, why not leave behind the crowded Spanish beaches or little French towns and try out Oman as a holiday destination? The stunning landscape, warm friendly people, and tours and excursions offered are sure to win over you and your family.

Or if it’s a yachting or water sports holiday you are looking for, then the marinas in Oman are the ideal location for you. Discover this wonderful hidden destination by treating yourself to a yachting holiday in one of Oman’s first-class luxury marinas!

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