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Georgia is the part of the world God has reserved for Himself with its unparalleled natural beauty enhanced by the hands of loving Georgians. Georgia is in the heart of Europe, but its heart is in Europe. And although it is a nation not as renowned or acknowledged as perhaps the most famous Georgian to date Joseph Stalin, Georgia is a country much more loved and celebrated.

To Greek Mythology, Georgia is the site of Jason’s Golden Fleece. Georgia is not exactly your mainstream tourist destination, but this small land of Kartvelians has the elements for potentially becoming an ideal getaway for the alternative independent traveler.

The food is great, the drink even better, and people’s hospitality is off-the-charts, with a multiplicity of amazing off-the-beaten-path options at super low costs. Most travelers might also find it comforting that Georgia is one of the earliest Christian nations, from 330 AD until the present time.

While the oldest person in the world, Antica Kvichava born in 1880 is Georgian, she stands no comparison to the millennia-old culture and civilizations that have long existed way ahead of her. There perhaps is some crucial reason why in all the years she exists, she opted to stay where her homeland was.


Georgia has maintained little contact with the outside world, and up until the United States’ strategic friendship with the country, its culture has remained unchanged for centuries. Indeed, attractions equal satisfaction, more than ever to the non-package tourist who can enjoy the early 5th Century basilicas of Bolnisi and Urbnisi and many other architectural feats of the 11th through 13th centuries.

Speaking of cathedrals, the Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral is one the traveler shouldn’t miss especially its 5 underground chapels beneath Elia Hill. Breathtaking, jaw-dropping, and knee-weakening are sturdy impressions on the elegant edifices from St. George’s golden statue, to the parliament, to basic music schools that have nothing “basic” about their designs.

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