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Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship in Bulgaria 2023

The investor program for residency and citizenship in Bulgaria was established in 2009. However, it was closed in the year 2022. During the time the program was up & running, it acted as the quickest way of getting a permanent residency as well as citizenship to high-net-worth individuals in Bulgaria – the youngest of the EU nations.

Once applicants got their applications granted, they were provided with permanent residency. After a period of 5 years, they were eligible to apply for citizenship, thus getting a Bulgarian passport.

Bulgaria had been the sought-after country by investors because of a lot of reasons. With a flat income tax rate of ten percent, the country had the lowest tax rates in Europe. It was even among the most stable economies in the EU. The currency of Bulgaria, the lev, was measured to the euro which makes the exchange rate to stay constant.

Doing business in Bulgaria was also quite easy for the investors as the government provided many incentives. Moreover, with Bulgaria being a new democracy, it had numerous business opportunities.

Its strategic location, with easy access to Asia through two primary ports, made Bulgaria an investor’s first choice.


  • Fast track citizenship option
  • Travel visa-free to 143 countries
  • Member of the Eurozone
  • Access free healthcare and education all over the EU
  • Stable economy
  • Tax benefits


  • Contribute EURO €512,000 to Bulgarian ETFs and AIFs. You can also invest in the stocks of Bulgarian Companies registered on the Bulgarian Stock exchange
  • You can fast-track your application process with EURO €1,024,000 for citizenship in 3 years
  • Fulfill the medical and security requirements
  • Meet all Bulgarian Immigration Regulations