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Dominica Citizenship by Investment 2023

With a pleasant climate throughout the year, Dominica (officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica) makes for an ideal place to live. Popularly addressed as the ‘Nature Island’, Dominica stands tall as the untouched natural beauty. The island is blessed with spick-and-span beaches, thriving green mountains, acres of untouched rainforests, and some best diving and hiking spots.
It is indeed the most spectacular island in the Caribbean. Apart from abundant natural beauty, Dominica even boasts higher living standards.
Speaking of the culture, Dominica makes for a distinct blend of English, French, African and Carib people, and cultures. It is also recognized as the country with the lowest crime given its stable politics and economy.
The rich soil of Dominica produces some good domestic and export-quality crops. It was for this reason agriculture had a strong hold on the country’s economy. Of late, organic agriculture is also getting encouraged. Over the years, Dominica has even expanded its tourism sector as well as real estate. Both the sectors are giving the Dominica economy a good boost.
A Dominican passport is considered among the strongest passports in the world due to the ease of travel and global mobility it provides. This is one of the prime reasons that Dominica Second passport requirement has seen a considerable rise in the recent past.

Dominica Citizenship Program Overview

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 1993 with the aim of boosting the country’s economy, creating new opportunities for employment, and helping the investors get permanent citizenship in return along with various other benefits.
Under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment program, you can earn second citizenship by making a monetary contribution. The investment program primarily includes:

  • A donation of a minimum of $100,000 for single applicant
  • Real Estate Investment of US$220,000
  • Donation to Government Economic Diversification Fund