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Portugal Golden Visa Program 2023

Portugal boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, pristine beaches, and tranquil countryside. It ranks high on Human Development Index and is even considered among the most globalized and peaceful nations due to its high level of security.

The Portugal Residence by Investment program was launched to attract foreign investment and boost the economy further. Also referred to as the Portugal Golden Visa Program, Portugal citizenship by investment is a five-year residence by investment program, exclusively designed for non-EU nationals. You can get the residence after making a significant investment in the country which can include real estate, capital investment, or creating more employment opportunities in Portugal.

With a residence permit, you are entitled to live, work, and study in Portugal. The program only requires you to stay an average of seven days of your per-year stay in the country. Moreover, you straightaway become eligible for Portugal citizenship after five years of residence.


  • Ease of travel to the Schengen zone
  • Ease of living, working, and studying in any of the EU countries
  • Free access to quality healthcare
  • Gain access to free education
  • Low living cost
  • Excellent quality of life
  • Portuguese citizenship for life
  • Residency permits extendable to family members
  • Numerous investment options to acquire Golden Visa
  • Significant reductions and exemptions from taxes
  • Inexpensive Investment Options with Strong Returns


  • Investments from EUR€280,000 to EUR€1.5million depending on the Investment type
  • Complete documents
  • Properly filled application form
  • Passport, ID, or a Birth certificate from country of origin